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Malta: Dive In and Forget the World

Escape from your routine and explore the underwater world by having scuba diving holiday packages! Many scuba diving holiday packages are offered all around the world. Jump in and enjoy Malta for a week or more to get the best view from the reefs, wrecks and the history of the island. You don’t need to worry if you are the beginner in diving because Malta also helps you to learn to dive.
All about Malta
Malta claims that Malta has most of the best scuba diving spots in the Mediterranean. Malta has a range of shore and also boat diving site. However, Malta has a unique characteristic as it is still part of the Mediterranean, so why don’t you choose it as your next scuba diving holiday packages. Due to the rocky topography of the Maltese Island, it creates the best opportunity for shore diving. With warm water, good visibility and outstanding underwater scenery, Malta offers scuba diving holiday packages for all abilities divers from the beginner to technical one.
Malta’s underwater offers you many striking views. One of them is you can experience diving in some wrecks. For the beginner divers, they can get the first excitement by seeing the wrecks from all over the places. Advance divers could dive in depths of the wreck, exploring the view which cannot be seen somewhere else. If the water is clear enough, you can explore the wrecks which are like the thriving reefs, place for all marine life. It is unbeatable choice of a scuba diving holiday packages to remember.
How to Get There?
Malta as the ultimate diving destination has easy access to get there. Your scuba diving holiday packages start after a short flight from the UK. Malta is an easy island to explore by taxi, on foot or rent a car locally.
Best Time to Enjoy
Actually, you are able to dive all year around in Malta but the best season will start in April until the beginning of November.  In September to October, you can find the sea at its warmest. The weather is quiet typical there, but many visitors will come to Malta in summer time. 
Diving Highlights
As the wrecks in Malta are worth to see by the divers, don’t ignore other outstanding views and marine life offered in Malta. There are still many things to enjoy in Malta, they are a kind of 2nd World War and recent wrecks, entertaining wrecks, industrial wrecks, some seahorses (at covert sites), flat fish and squid. And here are the best dive spot to visit. They are Um El Farood and Blenheim Bomber. Also you have to visit Cirkewwa and The Blue Hole in Gozo.
Scuba Diving Tips
Don’t forget to make sure you get the proof that you are in shape to dive (should get signature from a GP).  
Then, what are you waiting for?  Get packed and off to go. Leave behind your routine and enjoy the holiday. About the culinary, eat some of the delicious local cuisine and pastries there. Rent a car on a sunny day and explore the downtown for some beautiful views after the diving.

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