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Maldives-Best Scuba Diving Vacation

Best Scuba Diving Vacation

Getting certified to scuba dive is like opening the door of the new worlds to the best scuba diving vacation. Luckily, most part of our universe is ocean, so there are a lot scuba dive places to explore. So pack your wet suit and enjoy the best scuba diving vacation in Maldives.
Scuba Diving in Maldives
Everyone in the world knows Maldives is the best scuba diving vacation.  It becomes hugely famous all through people who love scuba diving to scuba dive around the Maldives.  There are hundreds of deserted island which offer challenges for you to accomplish. The water contains many types of plankton which attracts many kinds of unbelievable sea creatures.
Many sea creatures are waiting for you there. You can spot Napoleon Wrasses, Eagle Rays, lots of fish such as Barracuda and Giant Trevally, the huge Manta rays and the mighty Whale Shark. Be ready to bump into the shark known as the Grey Reef and Whitetip and some people are so grateful to encounter the rare shark called Hammerhead. Ari Atoll is the best location to see those fish.  In Maldives, the ocean is so clear than you can see clearly in range of about 20 until 40 meters.  Get the best picture from your best scuba diving vacation and upload it in your social media will make all you friend envy.  

Ways to Dive in Maldives

You can choose these two options. They are liveaboard and by resorts. If your destination to Maldives is for diving, you’d better choose a liveaboard journey. You can notice the best scuba diving vacations ever. Moreover, a liveaboard vacation is cheaper than any resort packages. The liveaboard vacations begin in the capital city, Male. Start from Male, you allow to visit almost 1,190 various locations in the islands. Just like you can explore North Male, South Male or even the famous Ari Atoll as these places is the well-known for big fish, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. 
If your choice is to visit Maldives just to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island, then the best option is to reserve a resort. Still you can dive in the near dive spots where you can go around the lagoon and also the island. You can choose between 100 resorts from the cheapest until the most luxurious one. Even some resorts are dedicated for diving only.
When to Dive in Maldives 
You can possibly dive in the Maldives all over the year. The wet season begin on May till August can reduce the visibility, but diving is still good. The best visibility and sunny day starts from December until March. The hottest season is by April till June. The highest plankton density is good to see on May may reduce you’re the way you see but it does attract Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. All for the best, January to April is the best time for getting underwater. You can get better views and the best sea conditions.
Well, packed your wet suits, choose your trip and get the best scuba diving vacation in Maldives.

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